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Brookstreet Bostons consists of Claire Scott and her sister Alison Allison.
Claire is the quiet backbone to Brookstreet Bostons. She resides with
Alison and her family. Claire knows more about the breed than what she
lets on, and is a very important part of Brookstreet. Her constant support,
input and guidance in every aspect of our breeding program is apparent in
the success of our healthy puppies.  
Alison is an Architectural Draftsperson specializing in residential
construction. Her ability to work at home allows her to dedicate the time
that is needed to have successful litters of puppies. She has a husband Scott
and two daughters; Kaitlyn and Samantha.
Scott has been a great support to Claire and Alison with the adventures of
their Bostons. He doesn't mind taking care of the children while Alison
and Claire are away at dog functions as long as the dogs come home to
their perspective places on the couch next to him!
Kaitlyn has expressed an interest in conformation and has competed in
Junior handling as well as competing in the classes with her own Boston
Terrier, Esther. She attends weekly handling classes.
Samantha has no desire to participate in conformation with the dogs and is
happy just having them home for her own personal use of playing with
them! However, she just got her Junior handling number... Look out here
she comes!

Our History
Our first Boston Terrier was given to us in 1974 from a family friend who
bred Bostons. Little did we know what a tremendous lifelong effect that
little dog we called "Shadow" would have on us. Shadow was from the
Harry Clasen line of Bostons. As young children growing up, Shadow was
an important part of the family and went through many milestones with
us during our childhood years. Our love for the Boston is constant and
when Shadow passed on we could not live without another. Since Shadow
we have added quite a few Bostons to our family. Over the years, as each
one crosses the rainbow bridge, it doesn't seem to get any easier.
We began an interest in breeding these guys after joining a local Boston
Terrier Club and we had our first litter of puppies in 1990. Showing in
conformation soon followed, as well as some obedience endeavors for a
few years. Alison has held positions as Secretary, Vice President,
President, Board of Directors and Show Secretary as well as Chairman of
the rescue program for the local Boston Terrier club. Alison and Claire
are both current members of the national club, The Boston Terrier Club
of America.
Claire, Alison and Kaitlyn currently participate in conformation as a
hobby for fun and obedience/agility/rally has also sparked an interest!
Our goal is to produce quality, healthy, sound Bostons that conform to
the breed standard. We are for the betterment of this wonderful breed
and breed only to the standard set forth by the parent club, The Boston
Terrier Club of America.
We are proud of our dogs and their accomplishments and breed for dogs
in which we may show. We believe in health testing and providing the
best care for our dogs,and to make their lives as comfortable as possible.
After all, they are one of the family!
Occasionally, we will have pet puppies that are available for purchase to
approved pet homes with spay/neuter contracts. If any of our families
that have purchased puppies from us are unable to keep them for any
reason, we would gladly welcome them back to Brookstreet!
After all, they began life's journey here.
We do not sell to puppy brokers, pet stores or puppy mills!

We hope you enjoy our site!
Claire, Alison, Kaitlyn and Samantha   
Bred By:
George & Millie Moylan
Copyright Brookstreet Bostons
Copyright Brookstreet Bostons