Kaitlyn (6yrs) and Samantha (17 Months) holding a litter of
puppies. The puppy on the farthest left is our 'Brooke"AKA
Brookstreet Hobo's Best Penny.
This was our Christmas card for 2005.
Samantha, on the left, is holding Leah and Kaitlyn, on the
right, is holding one of Leah's puppies that went to a great pet
Our Christmas card for 2006.
Samantha in front, is holding Leah and Kaitlyn in the back, is holding her
dog, Esther.
At the end of the day back at the hotel room during a show
A junior handler and her dog are tuckered out!
Our girls, our Bostons and our antique car!
The Christmas card for 2008!
This is our 1926 Model T that had belonged to my Dad who was an
antique car buff. This car has been in our family for over 25 years
and shows our other passion..antique cars!
Doozer really thinks he is going for a ride while inside the car..
someday we will really have to take him for a spin!
Kaitlyn is holding Esther, Samantha is holding Leah.