Our Past Bostons...
1988 - 2005
Bessie was the Boston Terrier that Claire owned after Shadow. She
was Claire's best friend and soul mate. She was so in tune to Claire
that she knew when her car pulled in the driveway. Bessie would be
let out to greet her in the driveway and wouldn't get out of the car
until she got to go for a ride around the block! She was almost
human as she understood everything you said to her. We truly
believe she lived to be the old age of 17 because of her love for Claire.
1990 - 2006
Wherever Alison was, Brittany was sure to follow.
The "mother hen" to not only puppies, but the human babies as well.
She slept under the crib and would come and get someone when a baby was
She was the only dog that loved to play outside in the snow!
She always was eager to please and a real love!
She lived to be a few months shy of 17!
Bud was the Boston Terrier that Alison owned after Shadow.
He was a pet store purchased puppy and was the drive behind us wanting to
produce quality, healthy puppies. Bud had many health issues and was never a
well dog. No matter how ill he became he was always "the man of the house".
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1993 - 2005
Sassy was the foundation bitch of Brookstreet. She was a beautiful bitch with a
fantastic headpiece. She loved to be the "couch potato" and would curl up in a little ball
and sleep for hours. We enjoyed having her in our lives.
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1974 - 1987
Shadow was our first Boston. After Claire broke Alison's collar bone in a go-cart
accident(she still claims it was an accident to this day!), Alison could not do the
normal summer activities that a five year old would do. A Boston breeder was
living next door to our family's summer home and happened to have one puppy
left. Alison spent the summer caring for the puppy. During the summer, they
offered the puppy to our parents at a reduced rate of $100. Unfortunately, our
father was recently laid off and we could not afford the $100. At the end of the
summer, as we were saying our goodbyes, the Moylan's walked up to our car
with the puppy and told us to have a good life with her, she was ours.
A good life she had and a great companion we had!
The love that we have for this breed may not have been possible today if the
Moylan's were not so generous then!
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Brookstreet Hobo's Best Penny
CH. Barra's Ramblin in his Shoes
X Stormcrest I'm Piss-N-Vinegar
Jan. 25, 2001 - Aug. 5, 2011
CERF: Normal

Brooke was a tough dog to finish for her
championship, not because she wasn't of
standard, but because when you showed
her, all she wanted to do is keep her ears
back and wiggle her bottom in her
excitement of wanting to please you!  She
occasionally would make an appearance at a
specialty show to support the club.  She was
Doozer's mother and the two of them looked
so very much alike that sometimes we had
to check for "parts" because we could not tell
them apart!
I will never forget this little dog and the
impact she made on the success of
Brookstreet with the quality of the puppies
in which she produced! She didn't have
many pups but the quality was certainly
Brookie you are sorely missed by all here at

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